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kunstraum niederoesterreich


Radical aesthetics and the consequences of extreme events

Curated by: Sylvia Eckermann, Gerald Nestler, Maximilian Thoman


An exhibition project at KUNSTRAUM NIEDEROESTERREICH 25 09 - 05 12 2015

and in the public space of Vienna with projects in collaboration with TONSPUR Kunstverein Wien and WUK.performing.arts




kunstraum NOE


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Exhibition views, Photos: Eva Würdinger



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Works - Photos: Eva Würdinger


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Lawrence Abu Hamdan, The Whole Truth, 2012.


Ines Doujak

Ines Doujak, 06 Kriminalaffe, 2015


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Nabil Ahmed / Earth Sensing Association,

Ring of Fire, 2015. Detail


Social Glitch, Sylvia Eckermann

Sylvia Eckermann, Singularium, 2015


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Serious Games 1, Watson is Down,

Foto © Harun Farocki 2010


Social Glitch, Thomas Feuerstein

Thomas Feuerstein, Parlament, 2009


Forensic Architecture

Drone Strikes. Case study no. 2,

video still © Forensic Architecture 2014


Christina Goestl

Shift, Whole Body Experience Fragments, [1087],

video still © Christina Goestl, 2013


Social Glitch

A Rough History (of the destruction of fingerprints),

video still © Ayesha Hameed, 2015


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Restaging Narratives, Matewan,

2012 – ongoing, video still © Mathias Kessler


Social Glitch, Marc Lombardi

Marc Lombardi,

George W. Bush Harken Energy and Jackson Stephens,

c. 1979 - 91, 4th version, 1998. Detail.


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Trading Stories. A Cargo Named Desire, 2015,

video still© Jennifer Mattes


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Gerald Nestler, The Disruption Principle. A Conformation Game, 2015

Foto ©


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Godofredo Pereira, Axiomatics, 2014-15.



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Fat Finger Confession, video still © Axel Stockburger 2013


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Tracing Information Society – A Technopolitics Timeline, 2015


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Ubermorgen, Killist, 2015







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